Coronavirus Impact And Prevention


Notice concerning suspension of mail collection and delivery services in parts of Italy

Dear customers,

Hello! According to the circular of the postal union, part of Italy has been affected by the local epidemic since 22 February

Suspension of mail collection and delivery services. Postal codes affected include:

CASALPUSTERLENGO: 26814, 26821, 26822, 26823, 26826, 26827, 26828, 26841, 26842, 26843, 26844,26845, 26846, 26847, 26848, 26849, 26856, 26861, 26862, 26863, 26864, 26865, 26867

BERTONICO: 26821, 26822

CASTIGLIONE D ADDA: 26823, 26826

TERRANOVA DEI PASSERINI 26827, 26828, 26841, 26842, 26843


CODOGNO: 26845, 26846

MALEO: 26847

SAN FIORANO: 26848, 26849, 26856

FOMBIO: 26861, 26862, 26863, 26864, 26865


Please note!!

It is suggested to suspend the delivery to the above affected areas. There may be different degrees of delay in the delivery of emails, please timely communicate with your respective customers. The group's delivery division will also keep an eye on the latest developments and will inform you of any updates.

How to prevent:

Isolate for 14 days at home

Please wear a mask when going out

Wash your hands with soap and water or rub your hands with alcohol

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or curved elbows when you cough and sneeze

Avoid close contact with anyone who has a cold or flu-like symptoms

Cook meat and eggs thoroughly

Avoid contact with live animals without protection

World Health Organization Coronavirus Prevention Guide: